Mike Gause Co-owner
I have always had a passion for cars. I spent my time as a little boy, watching and learning from my father, who was a great technician.  My father also taught me the proper ways to repair and restore automobiles.  I also worked at a GM dealership for 15 years repairing everything from carburetors to today’s complex computer controlled systems.  I am an ASE Certified Master Technician. 
 I've been purchasing cars for franchise stores for approximately 10 years.  After so many of my friends and family were taken advantage of purchasing cars, my wife and I decided to open Carolina Auto Direct.  This was in 2006.  Our vision is to make your buying experience a pleasurable one.  No stress, no hassles, and no surprises.


Sandra Gause Co-Owner
I have been in the car business for 18 years.  I handle all the accounts receivable, payable, and day to day office operations.  I feel that everyone I meet at Carolina Auto Direct, whether they purchase from us or not, should be treated with respect and like a dear friend.


Penny Moore
I have been in the car business for 24 years.  I handle payoffs and all the DMV and title work.  I have worked in all facets of this industry, whether it is franchise or independent dealers.  I prefer working for the independent dealer because I can get to know my customers better!